Swimming pools


We offer swimming pool kits, swimming pool equipment, filters, pumps, jet streams,  a variety of massage equipment and also we offer a sliding construction for the pool. We provide private and public swimming pool equipment installation and service.

The pool walls are manufactured in Latvia from 2mm thick galvanized steel (warranty 15 years) which provides structural strength and these type of pools can be installed in the ground, partially above or below ground and do not require any support wall while concreting or bricklaying the pool which greatly saves installation time and cost.
Pools can be equipped with all the add-on devices such as with the stream, waterfall and also with a variety of massage equipment.
Pools can also be made with overflow systems.

We do not offer cheap products because cheap products are not always the best solution.
We offer the best quality, experience and the corresponding price for it.

Swimming pool 3m x 6m x 1.5m        –                    4380.00 EUR
complete with filtration system                   –            5980.00 EUR
complete with sliding enclosure          –                     10680.00 EUR

Swimming pool 3.5m x 7m x 1.5m       –                  4880.00 EUR
complete with filtration system                    –           6380.00 EUR
complete with sliding enclosure             –                   12380.00 EUR

Swimming pool 4m x 8m x 1.5m          –                   5380.00 EUR
complete with filtration system                    –             6980.00 EUR
complete with sliding enclosure           –                    13480.00 EUR

Swimming pool kit includes:
construction of galvanized steel 2mm, main drain, swimming pool liner 0.8mm one color.

Filtration kit include:
quartz sand filter, circulating pump, skimmer (surface extractor), jets, ladders, pool cleaning kit, kit pipe filtration system for connecting up to 4m from the pool .
If you are interested in our offer or you have other size pool and more accurate information please call by phone +371 29214522 or send e-mail to aldis@mdbaltic.eu

All prices without VAT 21%